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Organize your grocery shopping.

GroceryTime is perfectly tailored to your shopping habits, giving you separate lists for each trip to the store. It keeps you organized, whether you shop for groceries every day or once per week.

After a shopping trip, you see a helpful summary of the items you picked up and which ones you couldn't find. For those times when you didn't find everything you needed, GroceryTime allows you to move those items right over to your next trip.

Make grocery planning a non-issue.

Every grocery list app allows you to add items to a list and check them off as you find them at the store. But grocery shopping is different than a to-do list.

You most likely buy similar items each time you go to the store, so it should be easy to view your past trips and add items to your current trip to make building your list easier.

Trip History is just one of the many features built into GroceryTime that make planning your grocery trip so much easier.

Shop smarter. Together.

GroceryTime was built to make sharing simple. Share your grocery lists with your spouse, roommates - heck, anyone - and plan your groceries together.

Simply enter the email address of the person you'd like to add, and that's it. The person will receive an email with a link allowing them to join you, and once they do, you can both see the list, add items and check things off as you find them at the store!

Fits right in on your iPhone and iPad.

Siri Support

Voice control is a "must-have" when planning groceries. As you take inventory in your kitchen while grocery planning, use GroceryTime's built-in Siri support to add items to store lists. You can even use Siri to mark items as completed as you find them at the store!

Split Screen on iPad

GroceryTime supports the split-screen feature on iPadOS. Place the app on one side of your iPad screen while you browse recipe sites or discuss groceries with your partner in Messages on the other. The app works and looks great at any screen size!

GroceryTime is designed and developed in Montreal. Copyright © 2020 Brad Purchase